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All About Dotty


Way back when...

In 2013 we (that's Alice on the left and Georgie on the right) founded Dotty Dungarees out of a love for the humble dungaree!

We remember growing up in dungarees and being free to explore the Great Outdoors with not a care in the world. So we set about trying to re-create that magic and nostalgia by imagining the perfect dungarees.

With zero experience in anything remotely related to children’s fashion, we faced a steep learning curve!

But while retail was new to us, our partnership was anything but! We had been friends for years and had always worked together – we shared a desk for 8 years across two jobs!

We had always talked about setting up a business together and had spent our lunch breaks over the years plotting what it would be... But it wasn’t until having our own children that the moment and crucially, the idea, was right.

So after Georgie had Otto in 2012, and Alice had Dolly the following year, we starting properly planning. And it immediately just felt right – from the name (which is a combination of our children’s names) to the branding, it all fell into place.


Finding our feet...

We travelled the world to find the very best and most ethically minded manufacturers. Trial and error brought us to our current partners in China and we couldn’t be happier or more proud to work with them.

We take real care to work with only the best suppliers who we visit regularly and we know well; partners who not only deliver excellent quality but are meticulous about their ethical and environmental standards.

Our factory was set up over 40 years ago by a formidable lady who still runs the show to this day. It was no mean feat to be a female founder in China in the 1980s and harder to still to maintain a family run business over 40 years later. Today, Maggie (her daughter) is in charge.
[Image: Our factory in full bloom!]

Maggie and her team take a long term view in everything they do. They employ a largely local female work force, with many of their seamstresses spending their whole careers working their way up family firm.

Having scoured the world for the perfect place to make our dungarees, we feel so lucky to have found Maggie. Today they are not only our partners but our friends and we wouldn’t be where we are without them.

If you want to learn more, you can get further info in Our partners section of our website.

Find out more about Our Partners...

[Image: Baby Eloise with some of our seamstresses]


Re-designing the humble dungaree...

With a little help from our new friends we re-imagined the humble dungaree. After almost two years of research behind the scenes, we finally launched in 2015.

The design of our dungarees is classic but unique – we were fed up of rushing out to buy new clothes every few months.

So all of our dungarees are uniquely designed to grow with your child. Adjustable straps and a generous turn up ensure they last at least a year. Plus all dungarees up to 24m have a hidden zip providing easy access for nappy changing. This makes all the difference for parents in a hurry!

But above all, all of our clothes are the softest they can possibly be. Super soft outer fabrics combined with 100% combed cotton jersey linings make our dungarees, dresses and shorts the comfiest outfits in any child's wardrobe.

All of our tops follow the same rules: comfort and practicality above all else. All styles have bespoke dotty buttons at the neck and are made from 100% organic cotton.
Some of our little customers even go to sleep in them!


Dotty Day Dreams...

We were blown away by the response we got to our dungarees! We were featured in all sorts of top-notch magazines and we even won awards for our designs.

We also started receiving requests to be stocked in shops across the UK so decided to brave our first tradeshow.... and we haven’t looked back! The wholesale side of our business took off when lots of lovely stockists from across the country took a chance on a little British brand selling dungarees.

We knew we were onto a good thing so we set about spreading the word to everyone and anyone who would listen!


Dotty HQ

In 2016 we moved into our new home at Dotty HQ. It was a little wooden shed with a bright red floor but it was home and it was perfect! From here we picked and packed all of our orders by hand, always learning along the way.

We were growing fast and soon our first little hut wasn’t big enough. We needed much much more space! We built a second shed and opened up our Dotty Office. Still just Alice and Georgie, in different corners of the world, we now had the perfect place to plot Dotty’s future…


Dotty goes global...

2018 saw Dotty stocked the world over… From County Cork to Lake Como, Edinburgh to Alicante, and from Milan to Milwaukee you can find a local Dotty stockist on your doorstep!

So we took the plunge and headed off to the big U.S. of A. And we were amazed with the reception! In just 12 months we are now stocked from East to West and everywhere in between!

Find your local Dotty Stockist

2018 was also a big year for Dotty because Georgie moved back home (yay!) and we were both in the same time zone for the first time since we launched!


So… a few years, six children, a lot of long nights and a VERY steep learning curve later, here we are stocked the world over!

With new collections each season, we are continually perfecting our designs and adding to the Dotty Dungarees range so that Dotty Dungarees is the go to place for beautiful and long lasting dungarees for 0 to 7 year olds.

To the future...!

We are super excited to see what the future holds for Dotty…