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10 Minutes with Founder of With Nothing Underneath, Pip Durell

10 Minutes with Founder of With Nothing Underneath, Pip Durell

As a new mum, we are thrilled to catch up with Pip Durell, founder of women's fashion brand With Nothing Underneath (WNU), just in time for Mother’s Day!

Pip started her company WNU after tailoring men’s shirts to fit her female silhouette perfectly. As a former stylist for Vogue, and Tatler Editor, we are excited to chat to Pip about all things fashion, styling, and how it’s going being a new mother.

Thank you so much for agreeing to catch up with us, we appreciate your busy schedule balancing WNU with motherhood!

Firstly how is it going with your new little one? Is there anything that surprised you about being a mum?

Everything! I cannot believe how much I love her and how much I love being her mum! I was never that into babies before so it’s taken me by surprise.

What’s your favourite thing about being a mother?

Seeing her change daily – she only has to blink and I am in raptures, it’s quite pathetic really. The giggling is relatively new and there is nothing more joyful.

Do you have any plans to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

My husband has asked me to keep it free so I think him and Bobbie might have cooked up a plan…!

As a new mum, who is constantly on the move, what are your go-to wardrobe pieces to take you from being a mum to managing your company?

My WNU shirts ofc…! I am very much a jeans and shirt person so being able to look put together with minimal effort is essential.

I lived in my Dotty Dungarees when I was pregnant and still wear them most weekends – easy comfy clothing is what I’m here for.

What advice would you give to any mums who are building or looking to build their business while being a mum? How do you find the balance?

Oh god don’t ask me – I don’t think I’ve got the answer!! It’s really hard I won’t lie but I have an amazing husband and we are working it out together. The only tip I could give is to be where your feet are. At the moment I don’t work Fridays so I can be with Bobbie and on those days I am fully present with her, no emails or work calls.

We love that you never envisioned a whole company, you just wanted to make a shirt that was designed for women, how did you go from the initial idea to creating a brand?

I’ve always been into style over fashion and it really came about when I was working at Vogue when I needed to be polished and put together and a shirt was always a great ‘uniform’. The idea came about then and it wasn’t until 2 years later when I finally thought let’s see if we could make something cool, elegant, ethical and affordable – a piece that really could be for everyone. The first step was finding a manufacturer (in Twickenham!) to make me a sample and we went from there.

What’s your favourite thing about creating and owning your own business?

It’s a game of highs and lows that’s for sure. But when things go right its really a special feeling – and its true what they say, nothing replaces hard work.

What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self when you first started WNU?

Chill out! I could probably take a dose of that advice now ….!

We know you used to be a stylist for Vogue so we have to ask! What are your styling tips for busy mums on the go? Any key pieces they can invest in to look and feel their best all day long?

Ok so for pregnancy our Weekends shape is a lifesaver – I lived in mine in the hemp material (super soft linen). The collar helps you feel put together but the body is nice and loose.

Not pregnant I am loving some more variation – currently the Brushed cotton is taking me from work to weekends, so easy and warm too.

Styling wise at the moment I am really into a jean and white t-shirt with a shirt over the top, perfect as the seasons change.

Like us, you are all about investing in quality pieces that stand the test of time, what’s your favourite fashion buy that has truly lasted the test of time? Other than your shirts of course!

I have this amazing aviator style jacket that I got in a vintage shop – its incredible quality and so warm. My vintage finds are always my favourites.

Which of your shirts would you style with each of our women's denim dungarees?



What’s next for WNU, any exciting new designs or developments coming this year?

SO much! Lots of exciting summer drops – and in Autumn some new product development to pair with the shirts…!

And lastly, our quick-fire questions!

Tea or Coffee? Tea

Movie or Boxset? Box set

YouTube or Netflix? Netflix

Cosy night in, or Evening with friends? Evening with friends, at home

Beach BBQ or Sunday Roast? Ooo that’s hard! One for each season

Starter or Dessert? Pudding ofc.

Summer holidays or Christmas? Summer

Trainers or Heels? Trainers