10 Minutes with Simon Hooper, aka Father of Daughters (June 2017)

10 Minutes with Simon Hooper, aka Father of Daughters (June 2017)


Father of Daughters has become a phenomen on social media, with his hilarious and brutally honest insights into being father to 4 young daughters. He and Clemmie (aka Mother of Daughters) obviously adore their girl gang but keep life as parents to a tiny female tribe real and relatable. Thank you for teaming up with us to answer a few questions for Father’s day... 

Who are you in 5 words?

A guy outnumbered by girls.

How did it all start? When was 'The FOD' officially born? 

March 2016. Although 'FOD' came about from a friend of called us MOD + FOD about 3 months later. Then it just kinda stuck

How (on earth) do you juggle your life between work, kids, relationships, social media profile etc?! 

By being VERY organised. We have a joint Google calendar which our lives would fall apart without. That, plus alot of WhatsApp messages and help from family.

Is social media a force for good or do you worry for your girls? (One serious one, sorry!)

Like anything it has its good and bad sides. It's great as we can build a community around honest parenting, no judging and finding support, advice and guidance from all of the world.

I do worry about my girls being online in the future though so if anything we're probably stricter than most parents about what they can and can't do online. No public profiles, that's for sure, not yet at least.

How are you spending Father's Day? 

Spending it solo with all my girls as Clemmie is on a hen do, but I'll be seeing my parents as well, after all it's father's day for my dad too.

And the quick fire round...

Text or call? Text

Peppa Pig or Princess Holly? Peppa - just for daddy pig as he's hilarious

TV dinner or breakfast in bed? TV dinner. No one should ever eat in bed, that's just gross.

Long hot bath or Quick shower does the trick? Quick shower. Haven't had a bath in a year. Sitting you're own filth doesn't sound appealling to me

Galaxy or Dairy Milk? Dairy milk

Holiday hot or cold? Cold

Beach barbecue or Sunday roast? Beach BBQ

Early bird or night owl? Night owl

Kindle or hardback? Hardback

Fry up or Fruesli? Fry up

Bar or pub? Pub (getting on now and like to actually hear the person talking to me)

Shop online or on the high street?  Online

Instagram or Facebook? Instagram obvs

JOMO (joy of missing out) or FOMO (fear of missing out)? Bit of both, depends on the occasion!