Dotty Dungarees Blue Spots

Created by a pair of English mums, Dotty Dungarees specialises in dungarees and only dungarees – or overalls as we here in Oz call them – so they do them really well. Their designs are made with adventurous girls and boys in mind, and every buckle, button and seam is carefully chosen and sewn to withstand the capers of the most intrepid tiny explorer. For any activity like tree-climbing, wading in ponds to catch frogs, or sinking toes into warm sand, Dotty Dungarees are at once rugged and absolutely darling.


Style-wise, these overalls aren’t run of the mill. There are spotted bow belts to wear with pink twill or engineer striped cotton dungarees, and pale denim dungarees with turned up red or yellow spotted cuffs.

Dotty Dungarees Pink Beach Ball

Every pair of is made of hardy, comfy cotton and the lining is soft combed jersey. The fabrics and roomy fit ensure that kids are comfortable from morning until bedtime. As a special touch, each pair of overalls comes in its own cotton rucksack which can be appropriated by wearers to hold things like pine cones, twigs, seashells and all those other useful items kids like to collect.

Dotty Dungarees come in sizes from three months to five years, and they ship to Australia.

By Pilar Mitchell on