Bows and Arrows Kids Talks With...Dotty Dungarees Co-Founder Alice Goldsmith (May 2018)

Bows and Arrows Kids Talks With...Dotty Dungarees Co-Founder Alice Goldsmith (May 2018)


Alongside Co-founder Georgie (with 6 children between them!) Alice set up Dotty Dungarees in 2014 out of a love for the humble dungaree. She shares with us her love of London parks, her favourite family holiday destination and unwinding with jaffa cakes...

Who wakes up first – you or the kids?   My middle child, Max (2). 5:45am. Every time. I am a real sleeper. I would sleep for days if I could. 

Early, punctual or eternally late for everything? Me - early.  My husband - eternally late. 

What is your top tip for succeeding in business? Enjoying what you do. If you don’t, no one else will. 

What do you love most about your job? Setting my own goals. Managing my own time (badly). Answering to myself. 

What do you love least about your job? When you do your own thing, it’s impossible to switch off. I regularly dream about stock counts and cashflow analysis and end up answering random customer enquiries late into the night. People must think I’m mad! 

Favourite piece in your current collection?  Everything is beautiful!

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 20.59.12.png

Dotty Dungarees Caramel Linen Shorts £38

Favourite thing you've bought recently?  I just bought the A Little Lovely Company neon yellow heart light for my daughter. 


A Little Lovely Company

When you have time to indulge yourself what do you do? I recently had my first ever spray tan, which was a total luxury. Within minutes of getting home my 2 year old poured an entire glass of water over me and I looked in despair as my tan melted away… I had to wash the whole thing off there and then. 

Top holiday destination with kids? I love Corfu with my sister and her kids – clear waters, beaches, great food, buzzing about on little boats. Heaven. 

Go to quick, healthy recipe when time is short? Green pasta. Pasta with spinach sauce – whizzed steamed spinach and pasta. Tastes of nothing but they all love it! 

Favourite brands for your kids? Bonton have impeccable taste in all things little people. 

Favourite day out in London with kids? Exploring any of the parks – Richmond Park for the deer, Queen’s Park for the Pitch n’ Putt or Holland Park for the peacocks and playgrounds… 

Top packing tips for holiday with kids? Despite packing everything but the kitchen sink, the children are invariably naked. 

Most spoiling baby shower present? A lot of cashmere for me and Dolly (my eldest). Nothing for the other two! 

Dream date night? Dinner around the corner at Riva and a lie in! 

Exercise – love or hate? Hate hate hate. 

Flat or heels? Flat all the way.  I live in white plimsolls and white Reeboks. 

3 ways you unwind? Tea. Jaffa cakes. KUWTK. 

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