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Father’s Day gifts to make Dad feel special

Father’s Day gifts to make Dad feel special

With Father’s Day nearly upon us and little time left to wait for postage, we caught up with some of our favourite Instagram influencers to discover their favourite Father’s Day gifts.
The best part? No postage required for these Father’s Day gifts!

Handprint cards

Our co-founder Georgie came up with this idea from something she saw on Instagram. These make great Father’s Day gifts and can be custom made by each of your little ones!
Take a piece of paper, we like to use colourful card for this but it can be anything you have to hand. Get each of your little ones to hold out their hand on the piece of paper and draw around it. Then ask each of your little ones to think of 5 things they love about dad, and write them next to each fingerprint.
Georgie recommends asking your children to think of just one word per finger for example, kind, lovely, cuddly. “It’s a really sweet way for your little ones to think about the things they love most about Dad, and such a lovely surprise on Father’s Day.”
Get creative and decorate with glitter, felt tip pens, pom poms, anything you have around the house!

Breakfast in bed

Another fun activity but potentially this may need a bit more planning, is to make Dad breakfast in bed. We think this is one of the most thoughtful Father’s Day gifts and can be a lot of fun, making his breakfast extra special.
Have a think about what Dad likes best for breakfast. Maybe think about something which is outside his usual breakfast, or something fun that little ones can easily make with you. We would recommend pancakes if he has a sweet tooth as they are super easy to make (flour, egg, and milk/water), and you can add lots of yummy toppings to make them taste and look even better!
For any vegan dads, you can make pancakes with flour and an alternate milk of your choice, we think coconut works well. Add a touch of cinnamon to make it extra special.
Eggs also work well for a savoury dish. You can try scrambled, boiled, or poached if you are brave! Topped on warm toast, and sprinkled with seeds makes a professional looking dish. You can even add a bit of avocado to make Dad feel like he has gone out for Sunday brunch!
If you are feeling particularly creative, why not create a menu of Dad’s favourite breakfast dishes, yes it can include cereal! You could let your little ones decide the breakfasts Dad can choose from and write out a menu together for Dad to choose on Father’s Day.
We think this could be one of the best Father’s Day gifts that Dad has received.
One of our influencers, @thisparkerlife agrees. Her partner’s perfect Father’s Day includes, “Breakfast in bed made by Parker with my help, with a big mug of coffee, homemade card, handmade love tokens such as ‘I owe you one cuddle’ or ‘I owe you a fun bike ride’. His choice of dinner, and his choice of family film that evening.” We think this sounds like an epic Father’s Day!

Dad time

Now we know that Father’s Day is all about celebrating dads but what better Father’s Day gift than letting Dad watch his favourite show in peace. Digital Creator @beabea_and_me agrees. “He never gets to watch it in peace, the kids are always jumping on him!”
We love @daddownload showing us what happens when he wants to watch a football match. So maybe this Father’s Day, we could try and keep our little ones distracted so Dad can watch his favourite show. Before we give him a big cuddle because we know once he has some peace and quiet, he will really miss us!

Big cuddle

Now that we’ve given Dad some “me time”, we can shower him with love with a big cuddle! We asked some of our influencers on Instagram what we could do this Father’s Day to make dads feel more special, and loved this response from @lucasjetparties.
“I would just love for my toddler to give me a huge cuddle. He’s a proper mummy’s boy and every now and then he gives me the best cuddle and holds me tightly.”
We love this, and something we can definitely encourage!

Homemade card

For one of the best and most creative Father’s Day gifts, @twelvemonthsapart suggests making a homemade Father’s Day card.
Crack open the Art supplies and allow your little ones to get messy! There are so many fun ways to make homemade cards for Father’s Day but we think sometimes the best ideas come from your little ones themselves.
We would recommend setting up a space in your home or garden, and putting down newspaper or an old sheet so your little ones can have fun trying new things and letting their imaginations run wild! We would give them different art supplies and some colourful card, and just let them create what they want.
This is probably one of the most fun Father’s Day gifts which your little ones will enjoy creating as much as Dad will enjoy receiving!

Plan a fun outing

For all the organised mums out there, or spontaneous! There are lots of fun Father’s Day events that are perfect for family outings. 
Take a look at the blog, Day out with the Kids who have compiled a list of events within the UK where dads go free! It’s a new campaign for Father’s Day, where dads can go free to some attractions on Father’s Day. Choose from wildlife parks, theme parks, and even a trampoline park! On some events dads and grandads can go free.
If it’s a bit late to plan anything, why not think of a place to go that Dad really enjoys. Maybe he likes to visit the seaside, or go for a walk in a forest, or perhaps he prefers the city, and enjoys going for coffee. Plan a mini family outing centred around what Dad likes best. This is a really sweet way of making Dad feel special this Father’s Day.
One of our influencers, @beanhead_and_me agrees. Her partner describes the perfect Father’s Day as having a lie in, relaxing in the daytime, and then being treated to a lovely dinner out.  His most important request? That “no-one is stressed that day so he can relax.” We agree, that would be a really great day!

Create a home cinema night

Another one of our favourite Father’s Day gifts is pretty simple. Create your own home cinema night!
This may not seem like the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift but actually sometimes all Dad really wants is to spend quality time with his family. If Dad loves watching movies, why not get creative and create your own cinema night at home.
Firstly prepare some of his favourite snacks to have with the film. Popcorn is always a fun snack to make at home! Set up your room of choice for your at-home cinema. Make sure there are some comfy throws and plenty of places to cuddle up as a family. Lay out your chosen snacks, and let Dad choose the film he wants to watch.
To really get into the cinema vibe, you could even get your little ones to create some cinema tickets to present Dad with. Making the experience a true Father’s Day gift to remember!

Hope you enjoyed our ideas for Father’s Day gifts, we would love to hear your plans this Father’s Day! Make sure to tag us in all your Father’s Day expeditions @dottydungarees.
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