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Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some fun Christmas festivities in the lead-up to the big day. And, what’s better than getting your little ones involved (and entertained) over the holiday period than with some fun Christmas crafts for kids!

So here are our top Christmas crafts for kids. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these and which are your favourites…

  1. Gingerbread House Gift Bags

We can’t get enough of @steffy’s cute home decorations and when we found this one, we knew we had to include it in our favourite Christmas crafts for kids. 

Her Gingerbread House Gift Bags are super easy to make and make great little gifts for your little ones to give to their teachers or neighbours.

You will simply need some brown paper bags, a chalk marker pen, scissors, pencil, and a ruler. For a full breakdown on how to make these cute gift bags, check out @cathrynlaurawood.

  1. Rice Kristmas Trees

Here at Dotty, we couldn’t resist a Christmas sweet treat, and who better to combine something yummy with style than our friend @liddierowl. If you follow Liddie you will know she loves bright fun colours so of course these goodies are pretty in pink!

Simply melt marshmallows in a pan with some butter, and add your little one’s favourite colour. Mix in your Rice Krispies, and pour into a cake tin to set. Allow an hour to fully set and then cut into triangles. Add a lolly pop stick to each one, drizzle some melted chocolate, and add sprinkles!

Make with your little ones for a fun treat that can be shared with friends and family over the festive holiday. One of our absolute favourite Christmas crafts for kids this year.

  1. Footprint Christmas Cards

You’ve probably seen the array of different Christmas crafts for kids involving handprints, but what about footprints?

We found these festive footprint cards on Instagram by @hannahswancott and had to share them with you!

This is a fun take on the classic handprint Christmas decorations, and what better way to get your little ones involved and share a keepsake as they grow up?

All you will need is a messy mat, blank cards and envelopes, washable paint (quick drying is a good idea with restless little ones around!), goggly eyes, orange card, and washable felt tip pens for extra details. Hannah also recommends snacks to help little ones sit still. She also says that “washable” is key, especially when including very little ones!

  1. Santa Banana Sticks

When scrolling through Instagram for some inspiration for our Christmas crafts for kids, we found these fun, and dare we say “healthy” snacks for kids. They contain two of your five a day so we think they could be classified as healthy!

Simple to make but highly effective, and no baking required so easy for little hands to create. See how to make these Santa Banana Sticks on Instagram @hungry_little_bakers.

You will need bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, edible goggly eyes, some red smarties (okay, so maybe not so healthy…) and some tubes of icing to stick the eyes and nose on.  

Get creative, and we reckon you could make some other characters too, such as a snowman or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with some melted milk chocolate or Nutella spread.

  1. Hot Chocolate Dippers

These are one of our favourite Christmas crafts for kids as they can be kept in the fridge, ready for a cosy Christmas movie night-in!

We first spotted the pink chocolate version of these by @liddierowl. But then we found the original by @cathrynlaurawood which is a more traditional take on the Hot Chocolate Dipper, equally yummy!

Here’s the original recipe from @cathrynlaurawood. Cathryn uses a silicone ice cube tray, festive straws cut in half, white chocolate and milk chocolate, and some mini Malteser Reindeers.

These are simple to create and make a cosy treat when dipped in a mug of warm milk.

For a pink and sparkly take on this recipe, take a look at @liddierowl's festive Hot Chocolate Stirrers. She uses pink chocolate, marshmallows, and lots of sprinkles!

  1. Handprint Christmas Cards

We couldn’t write a blog on our favourite Christmas crafts for kids without including at least one handprint design! We think this one is a very creative take on the handprint Christmas card. Check out @hellowonderful_co for a detailed video on how to create this handprint Christmas tree card.  

You simply need a willing little one! Washable paint, a brush or sponge to neatly paint their hand, blank card, some felt tip pens, and letter stencils for a pretty message. @hellowonderful_co use cotton wool buds and different coloured paints to create some colourful lights on their Christmas tree. 

  1. Festive Snowglobe

For the more crafty amongst you, we found these fun snowglobes that you can make at home! This is one of our more tricky Christmas crafts for kids but definitely worth it.

There are lots of different DIY snowglobes on Instagram but this blog post by The Sweetest Occasion has a thorough breakdown of how to make these. As well as a section at the end which shows you how to make them without glycerin.

All you need is a clean jar with lid, distilled water, glycerin, figurines to put in your snowglobe, tinsel glitter, epoxy, and some sandpaper to help your figurines better stick to the inside of the lid. Try baby oil as a replacement for glycerin if you are eager to get started and don’t have any glycerin around the house.

We also love @liddierowl’s fun and glitzy take on Christmas snowglobes using a light and fun props!

For all you crafty families who already own a hot glue gun, check out this simple snowglobe by @littlepassports who use hair gel in place of glycerine to make their wintry polar bear snowglobe.

  1. Easy Christmas Bakes

We couldn’t complete our Christmas crafts for kids blog without some fun and easy Christmas bakes!

BBC Food has done an excellent job of providing lots of fun Christmas recipes especially designed for little fingers.

We especially like the Snowman cupcakes by Annie Rigg. These happy chappies will surely cheer up even the grumpiest relatives at Christmas! Using a simple cupcake recipe, these Snowman Cupcakes use desiccated coconut, butter icing, pretzel sticks, ready-to-roll fondant icing, food colouring, and a black icing tube for the decoration details.

BONUS: Annabel Karmel’s Chocolate Christmas Cake

Our friend, Annabel Karmel has come up with an ingenious Christmas cake that the whole family will love, one made of chocolate!

Her Chocolate Christmas Cake recipe is fun and simple to make, and has been officially approved by the little ones in her life. Making this one of our favourite Christmas crafts for kids.

Simply bake a chocolate cake using Annabel’s recipe, and make three different butter icing colours to create the tree, reindeer, and polar bear. Use sprinkles, M&Ms, pretzels, and edible eyes to decorate.

Short for time? Just choose your favourite and replicate that on each of the pieces, we won’t tell, we promise!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post on Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids. We love seeing what your little ones get up to in their Dottys so make sure to tag us in your festive activities this Christmas @dottydungarees on Instagram.

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