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Fun Kids Halloween Costumes with Dotty Dungarees

Fun Kids Halloween Costumes with Dotty Dungarees

We love nothing more than an excuse to dress up, and Halloween is the perfect holiday to create some fun kids Halloween costumes, with a pair of Dottys of course!

Now we know you have a lot on your to-do list so here’s some ideas to make kids Halloween costumes easily using your existing Dottys, or if you want to treat yourself to a new pair from our latest collection.

Here are our favourite kids Halloween costumes with Dottys!

Purple Heart Dungarees

In a rich purple shade with black heart details, these dungarees are perfect for the Halloween season, and can easily be made into kids Halloween costumes.

We created a witch outfit using our purple classic cords but our Purple Heart Dungarees will work just as well!

Simply add a witches hat, broom, and a black cape to complete the look. If your little one doesn’t want to carry a broom around with them, you can use a fairy wand instead. We really love this one from Rockahula Kids. Although this is not suitable for children under 36 months old.

Fawn Chunky Dungarees

For something a bit more sophisticated this Halloween, we love our new Fawn Chunky Cords paired with our Ochre Breton Stripe Top to make a fun kids Halloween costume.

As styled by @beabea_and_me on Instagram, these outfits work perfectly across different sizes when matching siblings at the Pumpkin Patch. They also work well for both boys and girls.

Why not try matching siblings for the ultimate kids Halloween costumes which are stylish, autumnal, and did we mention super soft and warm too!

Ochre Chunky Dress

After a lot of Instagram scrolling for some inspiration, we came across loads of sweet pumpkin outfits for kids Halloween costumes, especially for very little ones.

Now we have come up with a cooler take on the classic pumpkin costume. What about using  our Ochre Chunky Dress to create a stylish take on the on-trend pumpkin ensemble. Plus, with our dress, you can wear it after Halloween too, making the perfect Christmas outfit!

To re-create the pumpkin look, we would add a dark green beret style hat, our Green Breton Stripe Top, and some black leggings.

For all you really creative mums, we did find a pretty cool Halloween pumpkin costume you can make for your little one. According to the comments, it is straightforward to make but we will leave that up to you!

Camouflage Dungarees

Last year we were inspired by @jemimagjones kids Halloween costume using our Camouflage Dungarees. These really do make one of the most fun kids Halloween costumes we have seen!

Jemima paired her camo dungarees with a yellow shirt, an axe prop, and some fake blood to give this costume a creepy edge. A great idea for bigger little ones and works for both boys and girls.

For something a bit different, and for warmer autumnal days, why not try our new Camouflage Shorts to create a similar look.

Pink Heart Dungarees

To create kids Halloween costumes which are more fairytale rather than nightmare, our Pink Heart Dungarees make the perfect fairy outfit!

Simply add fairy wings and a fairy wand, and you are ready for all your little princesses and princes.

Choose from our Pink Heart Dress, Cream Heart Dress or Shorts, or Cream Heart Dungarees to fit every style.

Or go creative, and create a Halloween Love Monster using any of our Hearts Dungarees. Use your imagination to create something a bit different!

Emerald Green Chunky Dungarees

As one of the most popular new colours in our Chunky Cords, we had to include our Emerald Chunky Cords to our favourite kids Halloween costumes.

Pair these bright green dungarees with our Navy Breton Stripe Top and a dark purple jacket to create your own Frankenstein outfit. Draw on some stitches with some children’s black face paint and you are good to go!

Acorn Dungarees

Another pair of dungarees that will work well for any Halloween costume is our brand new Acorn Dungarees.

In a rich dark green colour, with black acorn detail, our Acorn dungarees are perfect for both boys and girls, and can be accessorised to make a cool witch outfit, or a different take on the Frankenstein costume.

Robin Red Chunky Dress

Our Robin Red Chunky Dress is another versatile piece that can be used for kids Halloween costumes, and is perfect for Christmas festivities too!

We love the simple styling from @wild.little.b who simply added a black witches hat to create a spooky outfit for Halloween. Equally this bright dress works perfectly for Christmas.

To create the witch look, we would pair our Red Dress with our Navy Breton Stripe Top. Or why not use your imagination and create a Little Red Riding Hood kids Halloween costume! We would team with our Red Breton Stripe Top, add a red cape, and some fake blood (for older little ones) to create something a bit different this Halloween.

Hope this has left you feeling inspired for your next kids Halloween costumes. We would love to see your creations! So make sure to tag us @dottydungarees with your Dotty inspired Halloween outfits for a chance to be featured on our Stories.

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