Make Do And Push, What the Children Wore / Dotty Dungarees (June 2017)

Make Do And Push, What the Children Wore / Dotty Dungarees (June 2017)


My name is Hannah and I love dungarees. I love dressing my children in them. I love dressing myself in them. Heck, I’d probably dress Nick in them if he’d let me… So when I discovered Dotty Dungarees, I knew they would be the perfect addition to the children’s wardrobes.

Dungarees are timeless; a classic look (for children at least) that never goes out of style. Kids always look adorable in dungas, plus they’re so very practical!

And this is exactly how Dotty Dungarees came about.

Dotty Dungarees is a British brand; the brainchild of Alice and Georgie, who were inspired by their own children – Dolly and Otto. They pride themselves in only producing dungarees (including dungaree dresses). Having spent their own childhoods in dungas themselves, they wanted their children’s memories to be filled with dungaree days too.

The children were sent a pair of dungarees each.

I opted for trouser-length dungas, as I wanted to capture this shoot in the Lake District while we were away – and you can never tell what the weather will be like! I’m glad I did too, as the weather was on the chilly side during our stay… Also, we live in Yorkshire – which isn’t famed for tropical summers (although, as I type this, the sun is shining!).

Anyway, enough about the weather!

H-Bear was sent a pair of the Otto Stripe dungarees (£39.50), which are made from the softest 100% cotton denim with a 100% combed cotton jersey lining.

I actually can’t believe how soft they are for a pair of denim dungarees – and their softness stays wash after wash.

He adores them. I adore them. The general public adored them! I think they make him look like a mini train driver, so consequently they were worn on his birthday adventure to the North Yorkshire Moor Railway last week.

The stripe and dotty design is totally timeless, and I can see these being passed down through the generations.

H-Bear is wearing age 2-3 years, which are a little bit baggy (but he’s only just turned 2).

What I love most about Dotty Dungarees is how long their sizing lasts (although their sizing only goes up to age 4-5 years, which I’ve talked about below). You can tweak the dotty turn-ups on the trouser legs so they can grow as your child grows.

You can also lengthen (or shorten) the shoulder straps – making them last longer too.

The dungarees are designed to fit both boys and girls, and the styles are generally all unisex – making them the perfect hand-me-downs between siblings and beyond.

Busby was sent a pair of the Dotty Denim dungarees (£39.50).

I opted for this design because I loved the spotty light denim exterior contrasted with the soft, blush pink lining. As with H-Bear’s dungarees, this pair are super soft.

The dungarees only go up to age 4-5 years, which is the size Busby is wearing. Being quite a tall little lady (who continuously has growth spurts!), even with the cuff turn-down, I’m not sure how much longer these will fit her. I definitely think Dotty Dungarees should consider going up to 6 years (or beyond), for the children who still love to wear dungarees – and/or the tall ones!

As with the Otto pair, the shoulder straps are adjustable on the Dotty style.

Both pairs of dungarees come beautifully packaged in 100% cotton rucksacks.

I have been so impressed with the Dotty Dungarees dungas. The quality is absolutely amazing, and both children loved exploring the Lake District in them! They make the perfect playwear, are extremely comfortable, AND they wash well. Plus, aren’t they adorable?!

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