We sat down with the lovely Mimi's Bowl... - Dotty Dungarees Ltd

We sat down with the lovely Mimi's Bowl...

We sat down with the lovely Mimi's Bowl...

Meet Alice and Georgie Founders of Dotty Dungarees

In this month’s Mimi’s Bowl Blog I get to know more about the duo behind one of my favourite small fashion brands for children Dotty Dungarees. I have always bought their designs they are modern-day heirlooms, which can be passed down to siblings, friends or, the next generation.

The business was set up by Alice and Georgie who were in need of good quality clothing for their own children. Using the humble dungaree as a starting point they sourced super soft fabrics and designed classic cuts: the end result can be seen in their collections which feel both nostalgic and timeless.

Founders Alice and George (c)

Catching up with Alice and Georgie their business has grown impressively, they are now stocked in over 100 shops and 15 countries. It is a success story based on hard work and a great product, read on to find out more about the founders themselves and how it all started.

Founders Alice and George (c)

the starting point?

We [Alice and Georgie] worked together in our first jobs straight out of university and had always discussed setting up a business. It wasn't until we had our own children, Dolly and Otto (hence the name) that we came up with our business plan. We were raised in dungarees ourselves and so we naturally looked for those same clothes for our children but couldn't find the perfect pair. So we set about creating our own.

what do you love about what you do, and what inspires you?

We love the fact that our clothes are all about freedom and a childhood lived outdoors, totally carefree. Timeless clothes for a timeless childhood. And I also love the freedom that comes with running your own business - managing your time, dipping your toe into every aspect of what makes a company work. The challenge is the constant juggle of life and work - as well as the pressures of growing a business these last two (crazy) years... It definitely keeps you on your toes.

New or exciting plans for the business in 2022?

We have so many things in the pipeline. The US has been huge for us this year already with a big collaboration with Alice + Olivia as well as launching on Saks and Nordstrom... we lots more to come stateside. Product wise, we're looking at expanding our range both for babies and adults either later this year or next.

Typical day?

Every week is different but there is a steady stream of FaceTime and Zoom calls between us. We're online together most of the day. For me [Georgie] it's chatting about Pantone colours for the next collection, sampling, managing the logistics of our last order, planning our next catalogue etc.

For Alice it's dealing with platform integrations, stock management, payments and invoices, websites. Our working day/week is pretty long.

Work/ life balance, discuss..

The ultimate quandary... For me [Georgie] the balance is for both parts in some ways to overlap. I love that the kids are on our shoots, try on our clothes, let me know which prints they love/or hate. So when I am working, they understand what that means and what I am actually doing, it's not an abstract concept. It's genuinely a family business. And I am lucky that I work in an industry where people understand that I do the school run and won't be able to go to an event if it's my daughter's birthday


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What inspires you both personally and professionally?

Making childhood as happy and carefree as possible for my kids and all kids everywhere. It's such a cliche but so true, that it's a magical time in their lives, totally unlike anything else. Everything is new and exciting and possible and we want our brand in every way to reflect that - for the prints to be happy making, the clothes comfortable, the memories made wearing them to be of wild adventure. I look back at pictures of me with huge nostalgia - and somehow we want out clothes to connect our children's childhoods with our own, and with their children's in years to come...


What are you are listening to, watching and reading? 

  • Currently reading.. [Georgie] This Is Going to Hurt, quite late to the party but loving it so far. [Alice] An Expensive Poison, about Litvinenko, and The Paper Palace.

  • Currently watching… The Good Doctor. Actually quite a medically themed period at the moment which I hadn't realised until you asked


Tell us about your life through food?

We [Georgie] lived in China for 6 years, when the kids were growing up, so Chinese food is an integral part of our family’s food history. The kids absolutely love it and so do we. As a family we also love the bright, fresh colours and warm flavours of Thai and Vietnamese food. We share so many memories of eating insanely delicious, but super simple food, on street corners all over Asia. My signature dish is Banana Treacle Cupcakes for pudding and probably Chinese noodles for main. They are both go-to meals for us each week.


My [Alice] never fail Bolognese to hide veg from fussy eaters or fried rice with everything thrown in; pudding obsessed with Stickyfiedgoogoo (even my wedding cake was made of it!)


Find out more about Mimi's Bowl at https://www.mimisbowl.com/.