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Dungaree Shorts: How to Style for Summer

Dungaree Shorts: How to Style for Summer

Here at Dotty we love seeing your stylings of our dungaree shorts. To celebrate our Summer sale, here are some of our favourite looks inspired by you!


Our Florals collection of dungaree shorts are perfect for Spring and Summer. Inspired by the ditsy floral prints of English teacups, and Summer meadows filled with bloom, this delicate print is subtle yet pretty.
These dungaree shorts are available in four colours, Mint, Pink, Lilac, and Cream. For those who can’t pick just one colour, our Patchwork dungaree shorts are made for you!

For a kitsch country look, team our floral shorts with one of our floral Peter Pan Collars. If you prefer a more contemporary look, our Edie Frill top goes really well with our entire Florals collection.
We love the styling of our floral dungaree shorts by @girljm who pairs our pink floral shorts with a cute cream cardi, and white plimsols, for a cute, pretty outfit.


Our Checkerboard dungaree shorts have been one of our most popular collections of the season. Inspired by rockstar vibes, this bold checkerboard print is not for the faint-hearted. Choose from Pink, Blue, Yellow, or our most popular, multi-coloured Harlequin.
We like to pair these dungaree shorts with one of our Jack Tees introducing a pop of colour to this bold look. To get a true rockstar look, team our checkerboard shorts with Vans or Converse style trainers. Long socks are optional!

@me_and_my_butts has done an amazing job of styling our checkerboard shorts, going full on colour and print to create a stand-out look. To recreate this look, simply add some colourful, chunky sunglasses, grab a brightly coloured top, and a fun sunhat, and you’re done!
For the brave fashionistas amongst you, we love the idea of combining different prints. Go all out checkerboard, or try different contrasting prints in bright colours and see what works, you’ll be surprised!

Tie Dye

For those who love sweet pastel tones, and something a bit more subtle but still fashionable, we would recommend our Tie Dye range of dungaree shorts.
These shorts are available in Blue or Rainbow, and have an almost shimmery finish, reminding us of mermaids and mermen. One little girl (@beanhead_and_me) referred to this collection as being like candy floss, which we think is a great description!

@beanhead_and_me has styled our Tie Dye Rainbow Shorts with our Pink Jack Tee, and created a cooler outfit by adding a pair of retro sunglasses, and a temporary tattoo, giving a cool biker-chick look.
If you prefer a softer finish, @shellandthelittlies has added a cute bow to her little one’s hair, and a sweet, natural sunhat to complete the styling.
We love to pair our Heart Peter Pan collar with our Tie Dye dungaree shorts to create a cute and fashionable outfit.


Over the years, our Colourblocks collection has become a staple piece here at Dotty. We receive so many positive reviews around how much you love the bright colours! We think the unique patchwork style of contrasting and complementary colours just works really well.
The best part about our Colourblocks dungaree shorts is that we have done the matching for you! So simply pair with a plain white tee to accentuate the bright colours. @liddierowl has done a beautiful job of this, adding some cute ankle socks in mint to compliment the mint patches on our shorts.

Want an even bolder look? We love the styling from @twelvemonthsapart who has gone full-on colour by adding brightly coloured tops to our Pastel and Primary Colourblock shorts. Even with colourful shoes too which works really well!


A variation of our Colourblocks collection, our Tonals dungaree shorts have the same patchwork design but with just one colour. Available in bright colours, Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple, this collection was inspired by the new Barbie movie.
We love to pair these bright colours with a matching Jack Tee. Or for something a bit different, choose a different colour to give this outfit a more unique look. Our Yellow Jack Tee goes well with most of our tonal dungaree shorts.

@chloeuberkid has done a fab job of styling our tonals collection, pairing with a matching Jack tee, and adding a brightly coloured beanie to make this outfit really pop!

Faded Denim

A classically nostalgic collection, our Faded Denim range of dungaree shorts are all-American and remind us of long road trips on sunny days. Choose from classic Stonewash, vintage Pale Denim, Wide Stripes, or something a bit edgier, our Patchwork denim dungaree shorts.
These shorts look great with our classic styles of tops. Our Maxi White top gives a smart finish to this more rustic look. For something a bit prettier, our Edie Frill Top sits perfectly with our Faded Denim range. We love combining the darker Stonewash denim with the prettiness of our Edie Frill Top for a cute tomboy vibe.
For those really hot days, your little ones can wear our denim dungaree shorts without a top. We love the styling from @mymulberryhouse who shows us how to create a more relaxed look with our denim range.

Summer Denims

Are you a big fan of pastel colours? If so our Summer Denims collection is for you! These dungaree shorts come in a variety of colours from Sky Blue, Green, and Sunshine Yellow. With a simple design and bright pop of colour, these shorts go with anything, and are a sure way to instantly brighten up your little one’s wardrobe.
Looking for something a bit different? Take a look at our Frill dungaree shorts, available in Pink, Lilac, and Mint. Similar to our Summer Denims collection but with a cute frill detail on each leg to give a more styled finish.

We love the styling from @charli_elphinstone who pairs our frill shorts with delicate Peter Pan Collars. They have chosen our Floral print and Heart print to create a cute girly look. Pair with sandals, or wellies, depending on the weather!

Thank you for sharing all of your pictures with us, we can’t get enough of seeing your unique stylings of our Dottys! Make sure to tag us in your pics and Stories @dottydungarees for a chance to be featured on our Grid and Stories.
Want to find the perfect dungaree shorts for your little one’s unique style? Take our Cosmo-style quiz to discover which collection is best for you!
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