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Get Colourful with our Colourblock Dungaree Shorts

Get Colourful with our Colourblock Dungaree Shorts

It’s that time of year again, as the trees start to blossom bringing longer, brighter days, and the promise of warmer days on the horizon, we are here to help you get ready for sunny adventures with our latest range of colourful dungaree shorts.

You asked for colour, and our bestselling Colourblock dungaree shorts are set to return very soon!

From bright primary tones to sweet pastel shades, our Colourblock dungaree shorts are not for the faint-hearted! This collection is one of our personal favourites, so get ready for these fun colours to brighten up your little ones’ wardrobes.

We have a feeling these will sell through very quickly so make sure to head to our website as soon as they launch on Sunday 7th April to secure your favourites.

Here’s a little sneak peek into our Colourblock dungaree shorts, ready for beach adventures:

Primary Colourblock Dungaree Shorts 

By far our bestseller of the whole season, our unique colour mix in these dungaree shorts makes for colourful adventures, and your little one will be easy to spot if they head off on an adventure of their own!

Our Primary Colourblock Shorts are super fun and comfortable, made mainly of cotton, with a soft cotton lining, helping your little ones stay comfortable, no matter what their chosen adventure is. Designed using a palette of bright primary colours, these dungaree shorts look super cool on both boys and girls at any age.

With adjustable straps, these dungaree shorts are designed to grow with your little one, giving you more longevity of wear. As with all our dungarees and dungaree shorts, these are made to last and be passed down to younger siblings.

Our Primary Colourblock Shorts are especially unique to us as we make them using offcuts from our colourful dungarees, making them good for the planet too! They allow us to use any excess material from our classic designs so are a great way to help us cut down on wastage, and use every last scrap of material!

Due to the way we create our Primary Colourblock Shorts, we can only make limited numbers of stock, so these will sell through very quickly. Make sure to head to our website on Sunday 7th April to get your hands on a pair before they go!

Pastel Colourblock Dungaree Shorts

Our Pastel Colourblock Shorts are just as special to us, made using the same way as our Primary Colourblocks, using up the offcuts from our colourful Summer designs.

Featuring a sweet pastel palette, our Pastel Colourblock Shorts are equally cute but a bit more neutral for those who like a softer style. Equally as distinctive as our Primary Colourblock Shorts, these are fun and colourful for fashionable little ones.

Looking for the perfect t-shirt to wear underneath our Colourblock Dungaree Shorts? Our sweet Jack Tees in a range of primary and pastel colours suit both Primary and Pastel Colourblock Shorts.

We would team our Green or Red Jack Tee with our Primary Colourblock Shorts. Add our Pink, Mint, or Lilac Jack Tee to our Pastel Colourblock Shorts for a cute combination.

These will sell quickly, so head to our website on Sunday 7th April to ensure you get your favourites!

Green Tonal Colourblock Shorts

Looking for something equally eye-catching but in your little one’s favourite colour? Our Tonal Colourblock Dungaree Shorts are similar to our Primary and Pastel Colourblocks but use different shades of one colour. So if your little ones love a particular colour, these are the perfect solution. 

Our Green Tonal Colourblock Shorts are perfect for beach adventures! Made from super soft and lightweight cotton, these can easily be brushed off or wiped clean after sandy adventures. They will also dry quickly if your little one gets caught out by a bigger-than-expected wave… Or decides to swim fully clothed!

Featuring different shades of green, our Green Tonal Colourblock Shorts remind us of cool surfer style, a great colour for both boys and girls.

We would pair these with our Green or Mint Jack Tee for a cute matching style. These also look great with our Pale Blue Jack Tee as styled by @zoecjones.

Purple Tonal Colourblock Shorts   

A colour fit for both boys and girls, our Purple Tonal Dungaree Shorts are the most popular colour in our Tonals Colourblocks collection. Featuring different shades of violet and lilac, these dungaree shorts are contemporary and suit all purple lovers!

Pair with our Lilac or Pink Jack Tee for a sweet girly finish, or team with our Green or Red Jack Tee for something bolder.

Our range of Tonal Colourblock dungaree shorts also can be glammed up with our pretty Edie Frill Top, or for grown-up boys, pair with our White Maxi Top.

Blue Tonal Colourblock Shorts

Our Blue Tonal Dungaree Shorts are super cool for sporty boys and girls. Featuring patches of sky blue and bold bright blue, these dungaree shorts are perfect for beach adventures!

Pair with our Red Jack Tee for a bold and playful look, or go “matchy matchy” by teaming with our Pale Blue Jack Tee.

Made of super soft cotton and with a thin cotton lining, these dungaree shorts are as comfortable as they are stylish! 

Pink Tonal Colourblock Shorts

With the success of our Pink Tonal Dungarees, we had to introduce this colourway into our range of dungaree shorts too!

Including shades of pastel pink, blush pink, and bold patches of watermelon, our Pink Tonal Colourblock Shorts are a sweet contemporary design made using offcuts from our classic dungaree designs.

Made from soft cotton with a thin cotton inner lining too, our dungaree shorts are comfy and cosy on cooler days by the seaside.

We like to pair these Pink Dungaree Shorts with our Mint Jack Tee for a contemporary, colourful look. They also look super cute paired with our pretty Edie Frill Top.

Hope you have been inspired to get your little ones ready for a colourful Summer with our range of dungaree shorts. Our Primary and Pastel Colourblock Shorts will be launching on Sunday 7th April so make sure to head to our website then to secure your favourite pair!

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