The Humble Dungaree

The Humble Dungaree

Where it all began...

We have recently been looking back at where it all began…back in 2013… when we came up with the idea of creating Dotty Dungarees out of a love for the humble dungaree! We remember growing up in them and roaming free in hand me down pairs that were retro cool and indestructible! So when we had our own children, we immediately set out to create the perfect pair.


Our dungarees are classic and unique, unisex and made to last. They are perfect for all seasons – bare chests and turn ups in the summer months and bundled up with long sleeve tops, jumpers and scarves for the chillier ones. Plus all dungarees up to 24m have a hidden zip providing easy access for nappy changing. 



Our Fabrics

Our fabrics are always super soft. We had too many situations where we dressed our children in adorable but uncomfortable outfits... stiff fabrics, scratchy jumpers, tight fitting clothes with no room to move.... a nightmare! So whether it is denim or corduroy, our fabrics are always chosen with your little one in mind. The 100% combed cotton lining also means no more itchy inside seams... Some of our little customers even go to sleep in them!

It took us almost two years to create the perfect pair - but they stand the test of time!

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