The London Mummy: 23 Christmas Gifts The Kids Would Love To Get From Santa This Year (22 November 2020) - Dotty Dungarees Ltd

The London Mummy: 23 Christmas Gifts The Kids Would Love To Get From Santa This Year (22 November 2020)

The London Mummy: 23 Christmas Gifts The Kids Would Love To Get From Santa This Year (22 November 2020)

23 Christmas Gifts The Kids Would Love To Get From Santa This Year

It’s unlikely that most of us will make it out for a browse around Harrods or Hamleys in-person, so it’s time to scour the virtual toy shelves to find the top kids’ Christmas gifts to delight the children in your life. My list pulls together games, books, clothes, toys and a couple of things that’ll get them feeling curious, which, all together I reckon would make a pretty cool present haul for any kid on Christmas morning.

Buying for your own children always feels a bit more straight-forward; you can start picking things up and stashing them away anytime throughout the year. It’s nieces, nephews and friends’ children who I find a bit more challenging to buy for, especially if you don’t see them very often! In this respect, if you know they’re super into a specific character or topic, you can always play it safe with a themed gift (think dinosaurs and unicorns). Educational or creative gifts also often go down brilliantly — anything that sparks a child’s imagination feels like a win in my book.

Looking for something for your almost-teenager? I put together a specific gift guide for tweens. We all know that it’s that awkward age to buy for when you don’t want them to think their gift is too ‘babyish’. Speaking of babies… I turned my focus onto what to buy for a new mum and baby this festive season too. Hopefully, these gift lists get you thinking in the right direction with your Christmas shopping or help you pick something out right away!

Playing games

4 In A Row, Kids Concept


Wooden toys are the way forward for the environment and, of course, they’re very durable. I don’t think you ever grow out of 4 In A Row, so maybe it’s time to introduce it to your kids too.

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Avocado Smash, Serendipity Presents


A creative and refreshing twist on the classic game of Snap, I love the funky packaging and that the shape would baffle any kid trying to guess what you’ve wrapped up for them.

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Learning something new

Map of World, Wood Like To Play


Another wooden favourite, this beautiful and imaginative jigsaw is hand-crafted and hand-painted with all different-sized pieces corresponding to countries around the world.

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365 Words Every Kid Should Know!, Amazon


A word for every day of the year! This fantastic book provides a mix of strange words, ones that seem impossible to pronounce and other words they’ll need to use at home and school. It contains plenty of silly words too!

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For inspiring creativity

Oodles of Doodles, Doodle Dents


You can never have enough doodle sheets. This Ooooodles of Doodles packet contains a doodle book, a travel pack and some ‘thank you’ cards — brilliant for sending to friends and relatives after Christmas gifts have been opened.

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32 Ways To Dress A Pig, Wee Gallery


Dress Up A Pig is such a sweet stocking-filler. It’s a really small and simple gift that children can take anywhere and be able to get creative on-the-go, thinking up outfits for the little piggies.

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Make Your Own Dreamcatcher Kit, Cotton Twist


Cotton Twist has some delightful craft kits, including a ‘make your own magical garden’ set and ‘make your own glider’ set. My favourite is this lovely dreamcatcher that your child will be able to display proudly in their bedroom afterwards.

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Mini Gingerbread Christmas Biscuit Kit, Craft & Crumb


Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ more than homemade gingerbread. Craft & Crumb’s mini baking kits help to unleash a child’s culinary talents and make some yummy treats in the process.

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Small Dinosaur Crayons, BeeCrayative


Crayons will always be appreciated but these from BeeCrayative aren’t just any old colours, they’re made from natural beeswax and come in all sorts of cute shapes and designs.

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Book corner

Little Unicorn Discovers The Dinosaurs, Ladey Adey


Only released this year (so it’s unlikely they’ll already have it!), Little Unicorn will be a hit with kids who love dinosaurs, unicorns and anything imaginative.

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The Joyful Adventures, Tickled Moon


This lovely personalised book will put two children at the heart of the action in an adventure that will take them high up in the sky. You can also add eight names of family members and friends to ensure nobody is left out.

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Getting personal

Blue Letter Towels, Jolly Fine


Luxurious, soft and with a great personalised touch, your child will love to snuggle up in this Jolly Fine towel post-bath time.

‘Montgomery & Me’ Personalised Print, Wall Circus


Personalised prints are are a thing that even as the decor changes, you’ll always keep the monogrammed artwork hanging in their room. I like the ‘British’ feel of this contemporary ‘Montgomery & Me’ print.

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Fairies Personalised Clocks, Animurals


If a cute personalised clock isn’t enough to make them curious about telling the time, I don’t know what is! I love this clock for a nursery, playroom or bedroom.

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Dressing Up

The Rose Dress, Maggie Rose Clothing


Maggie Rose has just the sweetest and most traditional clothing for girls. This dress is quite transitional too: wear it with sleeves underneath in winter and sleeveless in summer.

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Moss Green Corduroy Dungarees, Dotty Dungarees


Every kid should own a pair of Dotty Dungarees! Available in sizes from 6 months to six years and in such a wide variety of colours, they’re perfect for getting out and about, playing indoors and everything else kids get up to.

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Looking to update your wardrobe, buy a gift or treat yourself?

You will find a gorgeous range of jewellery, accessories and clothes on TLM Edit, all hand-picked by The London Mummy.

Dachshund on Skateboard T-shirt, Five Boys Clothing


Have the coolest kid on the block with this quirky dachshund on a skateboard print tee. It’s always nice to keep your kid’s wardrobes playful.

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Children’s Linen Shirt, Pinkhouse Mustique


If you’re ever in need of something vibrant yet smart, I can’t recommend Pinkhouse Mustique enough. You can pick up the adult version of this mini-me print here too.

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Colour Changing Sequin Headband, Millie Pink


Super colourful and super fun, add some sparkle to any little girl’s outfit with this colour-changing sequin headband.

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Imaginative play

Play’N Pack – Jungle, Olliella


These travel bags bring together a bit of everything a kid needs to make an adventure. Packed with colouring roll, crayons, binoculars, alphabet cards and stickers, your kid can set up camp and start playing just about anywhere.

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Birds Nest Cafe, Tender Leaf Toys


The Birds Nest Cafe is open for business! With its beautiful, wooden coffee cups, cakes and snacks, your kid will love the independence of running their own cafe.

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Christmas Mouse in Box, Maileg


An adorable little gift, this Christmas mouse in a suitcase is a sweet little toy they’ll want to take along on all their adventures throughout the festive season.

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For right now

Children’s Quilted Purse With Two Reusable Face Masks, Isimi


If anything can make wearing a face mask more tolerable, it’s having one that feels soft and fits comfortably. This one comes with a hand sanitiser and carry purse too.

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Don’t forget the thank you notes…

Personalised Postcard Pack, Wall Circus


I love these personalised postcards from Wall Circus – perfect for saying ‘thank you’ for all the fantastic Christmas presents they’ve received.

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