Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

There’s nothing we love more, than spending time with family, so what better way to celebrate your loved ones this Valentine’s Day than with some fun valentine’s crafts for kids!

We have scoured the globe, (well Instagram!), for our favourite Valentine’s crafts for kids. From edible sweet treats, to pretty handmade cards, here are our absolute fave things to do with kids this Valentine’s.
Grab a Pritt Stick and let’s get creative!

Valentine’s Garlands

We love this sweet Valentine’s garland made from clay by @thisparkerlife. With a collection of stamp letters, you can print anything you like on these sweet lovehearts. Whether it be a sweet message to a loved one, or perhaps the names of your little ones, it’s completely up to you!
Now we do admit, this Valentine’s activity is probably more advanced than our other Valentine’s crafts for kids but do not be disheartened! We have lots more beginner-friendly crafts for you and your little ones too!
If you are not a bonafide artist (like us!) and don’t have clay at home, we reckon Play Doh would work wonders! For a more temporary Valentine’s gift.
Before you start, you will need:
- Medium heart-shaped cookie cutter
- Air dry clay (they use DAS white clay, available on Amazon)
- String (they used leftover string from Christmas)
- Rolling pin
- Thin round stick to make the holes in the hearts
- Letter stamp set
Getting started:
  1. Roll out your air dry clay around 3-4mm thick (or Play Doh)
  2. Use the thin round stick to poke two holes at the top, either side (this if for the string to go through)
  3. Stamp your words of choice
  4. Allow to air dry (turn over after 24 hours)
  5. Once dry, thread your hearts with the string, and create a little loop each end for them to be displayed
For a beautiful video on how to create this, head to Instagram. We will let Parker demonstrate! Looking ready for Valentine’s Day in our Cream Heart Print Dress.

Choco Love Bars

We saw these on Instagram by @liddierowl and we could not resist sharing these with you as part of our Valentine’s Crafts for Kids blog!
They look so good, and pretty simple to make. Definitely more of a beginner craft for little fingers. If they can resist eating all of the ingredients before they start!
Before you start, you will need:
- Rectangular bars of chocolate (size dependent on how many toppings you have)
- Biscuits - Lydia uses Jammy Dodgers
- Food colouring gel
- Toppings of your choice (hundreds and thousands, Haribo mix, Smarties, M&Ms, etc.)
Getting started:
  1. Melt chocolate in oven at 200°C for 2 mins - keep 2cm between bars
  2. Add your gel food colouring and swirl
  3. Add your biscuit of choice and toppings
  4. Set in the fridge for at least 2 hours
  5. Wrap in cellophane for the perfect Valentine’s gift
For a fun video on how to make these, check out Lydia’s Instagram page @liddierowl
We would pair our Red Corduroy Dungarees, or Red Corduroy Dress with Red Breton Stripe Top for this simple yet effective Valentine’s craft for kids.

Valentine’s Day Card

We found this collaboration between @weareooly and @themomtessorilife on Instagram and loved the colourful result! A really fun and easy way to make Valentine’s cards for all the family. One of our favourite Valentine’s crafts for kids this year.
If you don’t have the specific art supplies below, not to worry! We reckon you could get creative and use any art supplies you have lying around the house. Crayons and Felt Tip pens would definitely suffice!
Before you start, you will need:
- Ruler
- Scissors (with adult supervision)
- Cotton wool balls
Art supplies including:
- Watercolour paint pad
- Paint brush set
- Poster paints
- Watercolour paints
- Stamp markers
Getting started:
  1. Cut your card (or watercolour paint pad) into perfect squares using a ruler to measure
  2. Paint or colour in the square piece in whichever colours you fancy
  3. Fold a separate piece of paper in half and draw half a heart shape along the crease
  4. Cut out your perfect heart design
  5. Place the heart shape stencil over your original colourful square design
  6. Dip cotton wool balls into your poster paints and dab along the edge of the heart stencil
  7. Once finished tracing the outline of your heart, remove the paper heart (so it doesn’t stick)
  8. You should be left with a colourful outline of a heart!
  9. Now fill your heart with a sweet message using stamp markers
  10. Ready to give to loved ones
For even more detailed instructions, and lots of colourful pictures! Head over to Ooly’s blog.
To match this sweet design, we would wear our Heart Print Corduroy Dungarees or Heart Print Corduroy Dress with our Heart Peter Pan Collar in Pink, Mint, or Lilac.
Do you know any fun Valentine’s crafts for kids? Tag us in your children’s Valentine’s craft activities on Instagram @dottydungarees. We would love to see, and maybe try some of them out ourselves!
Happy Valentine’s Day from our little Dotty team