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Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids

Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids

Here at Dotty, there’s nothing we love more than fun activities we can do with our little ones. So Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect excuse to don that apron, roll up your sleeves, and get crafty!

From baking sweet treats to making fun home decorations, here are our favourite Valentine craft ideas you can do with your little ones:

Annabel Karmel’s Ginger Heart Biscuits

We couldn’t compile our favourite Valentine craft ideas for kids without including something yummy to eat from our friend Annabel Karmel.

These Ginger Heart Biscuits can be decorated however you like. Annabel uses fondant icing sugar and icing pens in pink, red, and white for a classic Valentine’s finish.  

This recipe is super simple, all you need is some heart-shaped cookie cutters, a rolling pin, butter, brown sugar, golden syrup, bicarbonate of soda, ground ginger, plain flour, and an egg. And some willing volunteers of course!

Oreo Love Bears

Any Oreo fans out there will love this fun creation from @liddierowl on Instagram. Liddie has lots of Valentine craft ideas for little ones. These Oreo Love Bears are super easy to make with no baking required so perfect for restless little ones this half term!

You will need mini Oreos and regular Oreos, melted chocolate, Mikado chocolate sticks, and some edible eyes and sprinkles.

Simply half your mini Oreos and regular Oreos and then stick them back together using the melted chocolate, and decorate. Your Mikado stick can be used as an edible lollipop stick.

Liddie has other fun and easy creations on her grid too. We love her Chocolate Bars which make sweet Valentine’s gifts for friends or teachers.

Heart Apple Pops

These fun and healthy lollypop alternatives from @healthyholme are super easy to make and the main ingredient is an apple so they must be good for you right?!

You will need some heart cutters, lollypop sticks, apples, melted chocolate, and decorations. Stephanie uses healthy decorations including goji berries, coconut, and dried cranberries. We would add dried mango too.

These are one of our favourite Valentine craft ideas where your little ones can enjoy both preparing and eating these delicious snacks.

Watercolour Valentine’s Cards

Ever wondered what to do with all those empty toilet rolls? Well, @dearannart has a great idea to create pretty Valentine’s Day cards using toilet roll tubes!

If you fold the tubes in two, it creates a cool heart shape, the perfect stencil for a Valentine’s card from your little ones. This looks super simple so we reckon little fingers could help you to make these sweet cards.

She uses plain watercolour cards, and red and pink watercolours to create Valentine’s balloons on the front of her Valentine’s Day cards. A really simple but effective idea!

Anna @dearannart has lots of Valentine craft ideas for kids on her Instagram grid. We also really like her simple heart design cards.

Simply paint lots of hearts on the front of the card. She uses watercolours but we think felt tip pens or poster paint would be equally effective. Anna then draws little faces on each of the hearts and a heart outline with a thin black pen.

You may need to paint the hearts on the card for very little ones, but they might enjoy drawing on the different faces!

Flamingo Valentine’s Card

After scouring Instagram for some fun Valentine craft ideas for kids, we found @abcdeelearning who has lots of fun ideas for Valentine’s crafts.

We really like her Flamingo Valentine’s Cards where she uses painted pasta shells to create a cute 3D Valentine’s Day card. It may be a bit advanced for younger children, but a fun project for your miniature artists.

Her button heart cards are also really lovely and seem more simple to make with your little ones. Firstly, draw the outline of a large heart on your Valentine’s card. Then place buttons of different sizes and colours (pink, purple, and red) to fill your heart. Doodle hearts around your design, add a cute tagline, and you are all set for Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine’s Wreath 

We had to include something for the more experienced crafty mum or dad out there as part of our favourite Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids blog. This is definitely more advanced but the finished result is worth it!

To make this Valentine’s Wreath you will need lots of spare scraps of material, we told you this is for the designers out there! Cut them to 1.5in by 8in in length, the more variety of materials the better the effect.

You will also need an 8inch wire frame heart with 2 or 3 frames. You can also use a coat hanger shaped into a heart if that’s easier to find at home.

Once you have your scraps of material and wire heart frame, you can start tying them into bows on the outside 2 frames. Bunch them up as you tie them so you get the full effect of the wreath.

Melissa recommends completing your Valentine's wreath with a good film as it can take quite a while! We reckon that your patient little ones could help out once you get it started. 

Love Pebbles

For something fun and colourful we had to turn to @liddierowl on Instagram for lots of Valentine craft ideas for your little ones!

We especially love her little Love Pebbles which could be a fun way to decorate your home with any pebbles your little ones have collected by the seaside.

Liddie paints her pebbles and decorates with mini gemstones and googly eyes of course! For little hands, you could find some heart-shaped pebbles and paint in one colour to keep it simple.

Or we think a pom pom kit would be a fun alternative for anyone living quite far from the beach.

Hope you have been inspired by our Valentine craft ideas for kids. Make sure to share your Valentine’s creations with us @dottydungarees on Instagram, we’ll have to give them a go!

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